Sun Style

Sun style is the youngest of the major styles. It was created by Sun Lu-tang (1861-1932) who was a well-known exponent of the Xing Yi and Ba Gua before he learnt Tai Chi. In 1912 Sun happened to run into Hao Weizheng (a disciple of Wu Hao Style) who was sick at the time. Without knowing who Hao was, Sun kindly took care of Hao by finding him a hotel to rest and a good doctor to treat him. After Hoa recovered from his illness he stayed in Sun’s house and taught him Tai Chi. It was said that Sun had only spent a relatively short period of time learning it and had subsequently incorporated Xing Yi and Ba Gua to create his own style.  Sun Style is characterized by agile steps and high stance. In addition, whenever one foot moves forward or backwards the other foot follows. Its movements flow smoothly like water or cloud.

For supplemental information on Sun Tai Chi, please refer to Wikipedia article on Sun-style T’ai Chi Quan.

Chen Style